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Lasting design

The cornerstones of Iittala’s design are timeless aesthetics, high quality and functionality. We believe people should have the right to expect their design items to last a lifetime and that Iittala items never go out of style. Our designs are made to be used, day in and day out, for generations to come. 

In design, we focus on the essentials: design less, high quality, multi-functional and aesthetically lasting. What we design must carry the potential to become a future classic.

We take a stand against throwawayism.


In every step of the way, from sourcing to production to packaging and recycling, we strive to minimize our effects on the environment and enhance sustainability.

We expect the same from our partners and help them develop their processes. Our partners sign a code of conduct before collaborating, and we make regular audits to ensure the ways of working are in line with our requirements.

Alongside our core work, we take actions by collaborating and sponsoring causes in their important work of protecting the environment.


With our home in Finland, Iittala’s values are rooted in Nordic values of a good life. Equality, empowerment, wellbeing and life balance are at the heart of Iittala. 

It is our responsibility to take care of the people working for Iittala, both within our organization and those working for our partners. This concerns human rights, health and safety. 

Our responsibility is also to support the people working for Iittala. Skilled, empowered and inspired people are our greatest asset.

Our partners sign a code of conduct before collaborating, and we make regular audits to ensure the ways of working are in line with our requirements. 

Our latest initiatives

Tumbler made of 100% recycled glass

In spring 2019, Iittala’s Raami dining collection designed by Jasper Morrison was complemented by a new limited-edition recycled glass tumbler. Made solely of waste glass from the Iittala Glass Factory, it contains no new raw materials. Our glass factory in Iittala is one of the world’s first industrial manufacturers to create tumblers solely from waste glass.

Waste glass at the Iittala Glass Factory is produced during the post processing of mouthblown glass, the pouring of molten glass and quality control. Such glass is used as raw material for new items or recycled. For example, it can be used to manufacture insulation material. 

Recycled glass saves both energy and natural resources. Waste glass products are equally durable, clear and high quality as those made of virgin material. In the future, our aim is to utilise the majority of waste glass from the factory in the production of new glassware. When it comes to clear glass, we’ll already reach our goal by summer 2019. 


Vintage service: bring and collect new memories

Vintage service gives old Iittala and Arabia tableware a new life in our stores and presents an ever-evolving in-store collection of vintage pieces. Items that don’t meet Iittala’s resale criteria will be passed on to recycling on behalf of the customer and we are continuously exploring the opportunities circular economy provides.

Vintage service launched in spring 2019 and is now available in all Iittala stores in Finland, expanding to other locations later.

Every bowl, plate and glass we make is designed to be used and loved from generation to generation.

To better understand environmental savings that people do when buying previously owned tableware instead of purchasing entirely new products, we conducted an assessment with Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd to calculate how much natural resources and CO2 emissions were saved during the year 2019. Results showed that all Vintage products sold during 2019 saved over 133 tonnes of solid natural resources and over 45 t CO2 emissions.


Helping save the Arctic with WWF

Every year, we pick a colour from our treasured glass colour library and bring it to life in glass items of the highest quality and timeless aesthetics. The Glass colour of the year for 2019 is sea blue. It is inspired by the north, where the sea is an ever-changing portrait of the four seasons.

With the colour of the year, Iittala is partnering with WWF Finland. For every sea blue product bought in Finland during 2019, we’ll contribute 2.5% of sales towards helping WWF's initiative to protect the Arctic.